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rolls royce key replacement Royce Keys

rolls royce cullinan key fob Royce is rapidly expanding its custom commissions division. Its Ghost and Cullinan SUV models continue to drive sales, and its personalised key rolls royce backs are an enormous hit.

If you do lose your keys, it can be very costly to replace keys. We can help you save money by providing keys for your car at a fraction of dealer cost.

Replacement Keys

Rolls Royce produces some of the most luxurious automobiles in the world. Like every other vehicle it is not immune to theft and key loss. If you've lost your keys or have had it stolen it is essential to find a reputable and experienced locksmith to assist you. Autolocks LTD can assist you in obtaining the replacement keys you need fast. Our professional car locksmiths are trained to handle these sophisticated and complex vehicles and can change your keys quickly without damaging the locks or interior of your vehicle.

We can also provide a degree of security to the car by incorporating an RFID chip to the key and writing an unique identification code on your key fob. We will then pair the key fob to your car, Rolls Royce Key making sure it will only start when you have your keys in your possession. This is a great way to keep your Rolls Royce secure and prevent others from driving it if they happen to lose the key or lose it.

In addition to replacing keys lost we also can create copies of keys to ensure that you have a spare on hand. Our fast and reliable service will have you back on the road within minutes.

Transponder Keys

rolls royce key fob price Royce transponder keys offer greater security than conventional metal keys. The microchips transmit a low-level message that is interpreted by an ignition receiver. If the serial number on the key matches that programmed in your car, it will be able to start. This prevents car theft by rendering the 'hot wiring technique' ineffective. Like all other technologies, it's not foolproof.

A professional auto locksmith is the best way to get a new chip key for your car. They will know how to program it correctly, ensuring that the vehicle starts every time you turn the key. Also, they can do this for a much cheaper cost than a dealer would charge.

Personalised Key Backs

Select from our carefully selected leather colors to give your keys an extra appearance. These top-quality key backs are available on the key fob or on a separate flat key.

Key Fobs

Certain key fobs are more sophisticated than others. They can not only unlock and lock a vehicle, but also start the car remotely. Some of these features include remote car starters which are useful in colder climates, and the ability to unlock the trunk or hatch by pressing an appropriate button.

Certain key fobs can assist you in parking your car in tight spots. Tesla models, for instance, come with a feature called Summon that lets you easily move your car into and out of parking spaces while you're standing outside. A button that opens the sunroof and rolls royce key down the windows is a different interesting feature. This can be very useful when you have groceries, bags of groceries or party items in your hands.

Awain, an Finnish company, has come up with a set of car keys that are adorned with diamonds and precious stones. The cheapest model is the Quantum is priced at 49,000 euros, and includes 3.6 carats of gems; the Serenity version comes with a more opulent 20-carat-plus diamond setup that adds up to 175 grams of gold. The most expensive key fob that is available, the Phantom costs 500,000 euros, or more than the average house costs. The bejeweled keys are exclusive editions and take between 100 and 300 man hours to handcraft by Awain master craftsmen.

Remote Keys

If you're experiencing issues with your car's key the best thing you can do is to contact an expert locksmith. They can provide an efficient service that is affordable and quick. This service is extremely useful in the event that you've lost your keys or have broken them. These locksmiths also provide an array of services, such as unlocking trunks and doors as well as ignition repairs and more. There is no need to pay the high prices at the dealer. Simply call a locksmith and get the service you need in no time.


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